Symbol 2638.1

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Contact maker, for alarm or control functions. Per MIL-DTL-15743/17. Provided with blank nameplate for marking by the installing activity or with stamped or engraved markings as required. Some contact makers require painting per MIL-DTL-15743/17 and special handle shapes for identifying the function under adverse conditions. Six poles, 2 positions, spring-return to the "OFF" position. Locking plates are provided to prevent inadvertent activation or to lock the handle in the "ON" position when required. Switch rating 125 volts, 10 Amps. The NSN for the switch with the blank nameplate is 5930-01-247-3347 which is the only type stocked by the Navy supply system.

Click here for the Drawing for 404-2638.1

Click here for the Drawing for 404-2638.1  Click here for the Drawing for 404-2638.1