compass_rose_miniComsaco manufactures finished products in accordance with the following list of military specifications. In addition, we also manufacture in accordance with Buships, Navships and Naval Air Engineering Center drawings which are too numerous to list here.

Specification Description
MIL-DTL-2726 Receptacles, plugs, switched receptacles and outlets
MIL-DTL-15743 Switches, rotary enclosed
MIL-DTL-22438 Panel, receptacle, for electrical and electronics test bench
MIL-DTL-16377 Fixtures, Lighting
MIL-E-24142 Enclosures for electrical fittings and fixtures
MIL-P-24395 Panel, ground detector, 120 and 450 Volts AC
MIL-C-24404 Connection boxes for degaussing cables
MIL-DTL-24558 Terminal Boxes
MIL-DTL-24560 Lights and glassware for navigation, signal and warning
MIL-DTL-24646 Fuse Boxes and distribution panels
MIL-T-24649 Jackboxes, jacks and plugs for sound-powered telephones

Intimate knowledge of these specifications and drawings gives us the ability to assist in defining the right products to suit an application or to modify a standard product without jeopardizing its integrity or environmental qualifications such as shock and vibration. Call for a consultation with no obligation. We're glad to help.

Comsaco can custom design equipment to satisfy performance specification requirements or "build to print" items such as control and indication panels, engine/generator controls, relay panels, workbench distribution and test panels, etc.

We welcome the opportunity to quote your requirements for equipment in these categories.