LC40 Style Lenses

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The Type LC40 lenses per MIL-L-3661/54 are used in conjunction with Type LH indicator light assemblies per MIL-L-3661/61 through /65. The lenses are molded of heat resistant nylon and are available in various colors. Part numbers, colors and NSNs are as follows: LC40CN3, Clear, Transparent, 6210-00-752-2146; LC40WT3, White, Translucent, 6210-00-752-2148; LC40EN3, Red, Transparent, 6210-00-752-2140; LC40YN3, Yellow, Transparent, 6210-00-752-2141; LC40GN3, Green, Transparent, 6210-00-313-9218; LC40BN3, Blue, Transparent, 6210-00-752-2143; LC40TN3, Clear, Unfrosted, 6210-00-143-6556.