Welcome to COMSACO LLC.

Comsaco LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Pioneer LLC.

Comsaco LLC was first formed in 1977 as "Compass Sales Company" and operated as a sales and distribution company until 1986 when it became a full-fledged manufacturer to serve the needs of the Naval shipbuilding and repair industry. At that time, the name was changed to "Comsaco Marine Corp" to coincide with its changing role. Operations continued on Long Island, New York until 1994 when the company relocated to Norfolk, VA and was renamed "Comsaco, Inc." From its inception, the company has been principally owned and operated by Walter W. Westhoff and his family. On April 14th, 2023 Comsaco Inc. was acquired by U.S. Pioneer LLC and became Comsaco LLC. Currently, the company occupies an approximately 22,000 square foot building owned by the Westhoff family in Norfolk, VA and is leased to U.S. Pioneer LLC. All manufacturing and sales are conducted at this location.

Our success is the result of recognizing and reacting to the needs of our customers. We take pride in providing QUALITY PRODUCTS, ON TIME, AT COMPETITIVE PRICES. These are not just "buzz" words to us.

Our goal is to continue our growth through new product development and expansion of our products into new marketplaces while continuing to provide the quality and service that our customers have grown to expect from us.