Symbol 2819.2

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Indicator light assembly, watertight, double, 450 VAC. base mounted. Internal transformer/lampholder assemblies convert the incoming 450 volt signals to a safe 2 volts (nominal) and provides for 2 incandescent lamps per signal to indicate the presence of the signal. Failure of one lamp does not affect the other and gives the operator redundancy and time to replace the lamps if one burns out. Lenses with various colors can be installed in the cover-mounted lens holders to provide the desired color indication. A lens must be installed to achieve watertight integrity. Blank brass marker-discs are provided to be stencil-engraved by the installing activity to indicate a desired legend. Twelve lamps are supplied with each assembly. Lenses and engraved marker discs can be provided on special order. This assembly is in accordance with the NavShips Drawing 9000-S6202-73922, Type B-47B. The NSN is 6210-00-336-5874. Lenses are in accordance with MS17153, specify color when ordering. Lamps are per MS15612-3, Industry #1769. Similar to Symbol 2819.1 which is rated at 120 VAC. If flush mounting is desired, see Symbol 2819.3 (120V) or Symbol 2819.4 (450V).