compass_rose_miniService is what we're all about. We are now in our 38th year of providing service to the naval shipbuilding and repair industry and the Government supply system that supports the Fleet. During this time, our product knowledge and our experience with actual shipboard conditions have combined to provide our customers with quality products in a timely manner at reasonable prices. We respond to the needs of our Customers. Some of the services we provide are as follows:


The standard Navy electrical items we manufacture do not always fit the intended applications. Frequently, we are called upon to alter a standard design to enhance its ability to perform a specific function while maintaining the item's ability to withstand the environmental conditions to which it will be exposed. Whether it's something as simple as installing a different terminal board in a terminal box to enhance its capacity or "connectorizing" an item, completely pre-wired, to make a "plug-in" installation, we have the product knowledge and expertise to do it right at the lowest cost and shortest time.


When standard products can't be used to satisfy a requirement, we can design what you need from a performance or military specification or standard. Our designs take into consideration the environmental conditions, parts availability, ergonomics (particularly in the shipboard environment), logistics support and ease of installation and maintenance. The common sense approach we take results in simple, functional designs using standard parts already in the supply system wherever possible.


The harsh shipboard environment can cause equipment failure from vibration, moisture, corrosion, heat, cold, dirt, shock and unskilled or careless personnel. Our designs and quality of workmanship are intended to survive these harsh environmental conditions and testing is performed to verify that our products will provide trouble-free installation and long and reliable service. Some of the tests that are performed at our facility or at approved testing laboratories are as follows:

High Impact Shock - Per MIL-S-901
Vibration - Per MIL-STD-167
Degree of Enclosure - Per MIL-STD-108
Salt Spray - Per MIL-STD-202
Temperature Rise - Per Equipment Specification
Operational Testing - Per Equipment Specification
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) - Per MIL-STD-461


Equipment installed on ship is subject to another significant factor that can affect proper operation: isolation. A ship at sea cannot readily access unlimited sources of spare and replacement parts. Storage space for spare parts on board ship is at a premium so allowances are limited. Comsaco's equipment utilizes standard components whenever possible, and specification requirements are followed, to insure that the spare parts on board are useable. This also allows for reduced allotments of spare parts and saving of space. Provisioning technical documentation and suggested spare parts lists can be provided as necessary to assist the Customer in providing adequate spare parts for our equipment. Most of our items have National Stock Numbers (NSNs) assigned and have had their spare parts requirements documented on Allowance Parts Lists (APLs) which detail the spare parts required for the different levels of support required and list the NSNs for each spare or replacement part where assigned.


The data bases which we maintain and the access to information sources that we have, put us in the position of being able to locate and supply spare and replacement parts for not only our own equipment, but many other categories of equipment as well. Although we specialize in electro-mechanical equipment and component parts, we can also provide electronics and mechanical spare parts and consumables. Packaging and marking can be per commercial or military standards, including bar-coding and RFID tags if required.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that after a day of doing this:


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Our customers can do this at night:

USS Belknap CG-26

USS Belknap CG-26