Symbol 479.1

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Connection box, for degaussing cables, 60 terminal, for size 6.5 MCM to 13 MCM cables. submersible to 15 feet (SBM-15), steel. Consists of 60 grounding service type connectors mounted on (3) GME insulators in a submersible steel enclosure with a removable cover. The enclosure is painted to resist corrosion. Each terminal connector is designed for 2 cables ranging in size from 6.5 MCM to 13 MCM. Cable entrance is made by the installing activity through the side walls of the box using stuffing tubes or similar devices to maintain watertight integrity. If desired, Comsaco can provide multi-cable transit devices to facilitate cable entrance to meet your specifications. Symbol 479.1 per MIL-C-24404/3. NSN not assigned. For additional corrosion resistance, this enclosure can be fabricated of Type 316 stainless steel. For weight reduction, aluminum can be used.

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