Symbol 415

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Terminal/connection box, 500 volts, 1 phase, for two (2) 2 conductor cables up to 75 MCM, submersible to 15 feet, non-magnetic. Consists of 2 bus bars mounted on a laminated plastic (GME) insulator secured to the bottom of a 8x10x5" deep enclosure per MIL-E-24142/6. The cables are clamped between a fixed and moveable cap which have grooves cut in them to keep the cable in place. The groove is sized for a maximum cable size of 75 MCM. Larger cable sizes can be accommodated by increasing the size of the groove which also changes the Symbol number. Symbol 415.1 accommodates cables up to 100 MCM. Symbol 415.2 accommodates up to 125 MCM. Symbol 415.3 accommodates up to 150 MCM and Symbol 415.4 accommodates up to 200 MCM. Part number M24558/22-415 per MIL-T-24558/22. NSN 5940-00-216-7406 applies to the Symbol 415 which is the only NSN assigned to this group.

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