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Switch assembly, valve position indicating, 5 Amp, 250 VAC, SBM-15, non-magnetic. Consists of 2 cam-actuated micro-switches, each having 2 normally open and 2 normally closed contacts and individually adjustable cams on a common shaft mounted in a brass enclosure that is nominally 4" x 4" square. The shaft is operated by a customer-supplied linkage to a valve operator or other device that imparts rotary motion to the shaft which rotates the cams and actuates the switches to provide a position signal to a remote location. The shaft passes through a gland seal which, in conjunction with the gasketed cover on the box, provides watertight integrity to a depth of 15 feet. Electrical connections are made to a Type 9TB4 terminal board with #6 studs for a Type L81 terminal lug. Mechanical interface is to the shaft which is .370" in diameter and protrudes approximately 1-1/4" through the sidewall of the box. This item is manufactured in accordance with NavShips Drawing 9-S-73689 and Comsaco Drawing 404-2651. It is also available in special configurations with higher switch ratings and up to 3 switches. The NSN is 5930-00-259-8899. It is designated as a Type S-171A.

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Click here for the Drawing for 404-2651  Click here for the Drawing for 404-2651