Dual 10 Amp, Switched

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Panel, Dimmer, 120 VAC, 10 Amp, 60 Hz, Dripproof, Non-magnetic enclosure. This stainless steel enclosure measures 13 x 13 x 8" deep and contains two (2) 120 VAC 60 Hz autotransformers each rated at 10 amps. Each autotransformer has its own "ON-OFF" toggle switch. All components are wired to a Type 26TB8 terminal board located behind a removable access plate ready to accept 120 VAC input and two (2) output circuits controlled by the autotransformers. The panel is designed for mounting in a weatherdeck environment and the interior components are sealed against entry of water during operation when the door is opened. This panel has been custom designed by Comsaco to meet a specific requirement. Variations are possible to meet your needs.

Click here for the Drawing for 404248

Click here for the Drawing for 404248  Click here for the Drawing for 404248