Symbol 764.2

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Connection box, for 400 Hz aircraft servicing. 115/200 Volts, 170 Amps, 3 phase, 4 wire, Spraytight. For distribution of 400 Hz power from the power supply to the portable cable used to service the aircraft. Consists of a 10 x 10 x 5" deep brass enclosure, P/N M24142/6-003 per MIL-E-24142/6 with 3 insulated terminal assemblies and one terminal assembly grounded to the box. The power terminals accommodate a feeder cable up to 200 MCM and a portable cable size of 75 MCM. The ground terminal accommodates 200 MCM on the feeder side and 40 MCM on the portable cable side. An indicator light with green lens is provided to indicate power available. Cable entrance is made by the installing activity through the side walls of the box using appropriate stuffing tubes to maintain the integrity of the enclosure. Omission of the indicator light raises the degree of enclosure to submersible (SBM-15) if desired. Symbol 764.2 is manufactured per NavShips Drawing 9000-S6202-74362. NSN not assigned.

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