Symbol 400.1

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Terminal/connection box, 4 terminal, 8 wires, 150 Volts, 15 Amps, Submersible to depth of 15 feet. One (1) type 13TB4 terminal board mounted in a 3" diameter (approx) brass enclosure. Military Part Number M24558/18-001 per MIL-T-24558/18.


1. Comsaco uses the alternate enclosure per 9-S-74210 for this item. If the 3" round enclosure per MIL-E-24142/5 is needed, it should be specified in your RFQ.

2. MIL-T-24558/18 rates this terminal box at 600 volts. The terminal board used, Type 13TB4, is only rated at 150 volts per MIL-T-55164/18. If used for voltages higher than 150, careful selection and placement of terminal lugs will be required to maintain adequate creepage and clearance distances.

Click here for the Drawing for SYM 400.1

Click here for the Drawing for SYM 400.1  Click here for the Drawing for SYM 400.1